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Opened in July 2013, it is located in the Sathorn area, on Yen Akart road near Soi 1. You can check directions on our google map.

Le Petit Zinc Yen Akart is a French restaurant offering bistro food and salted or sweet crepes which are a specialty from Britanny in the North-West coast of France.


reception picture of le petit zinc yen akart

On this website, you can take a look on our food menu, check our upcoming events, discover our restaurant in pictures or through our press review, or just take a look on our informations, especially if you intend to come with a group.

Yen Akart Restaurant

Every day:

Last order 2pm

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02 249 5572
15/1 Yen Akart road

On Yen Akart, near soi 1, in front of Mama Dolorès

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directions to reach le petit zinc suklhumvit


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